Dedicated Contract Sales Team

Variable resource allowing flexibility and adaptability

A variable resource that provides biopharma companies with greater flexibility, adaptability and scalability when optimizing their sales force needs. A dedicated contract sales team can supplement, complement, or be the exclusive sales team representing a biopharma company and can be deployed to support the following targets:

  • Primary Care
  • Specialty
  • Hospital
  • Managed Care
  • Device
  • Diagnostic
  • Animal Health

"In healthcare we are always searching for partners who make us better. Lynda and Brion from Spectra BioPharma are simply two of the best I've worked with in my pharmaceutical career. Yes, they have an intense drive for success, but others also share this trait. What separates Lynda and Brion are qualities that help a business breakthrough the status quo. It's their innovative thinking and proactive partnering. It's their ability to build trust and support it with competence. It's the ability to empathically connect and find solutions. If you are looking for two partners to help you level-up your business, trust Lynda and Brion."

-Michael O'Brien, Former Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Eisai President of Peloton Coaching and Consulting

Dedicated contract sales teams are comprised of experienced, successful and highly motivated sales representatives that are recruited to the clients specific hiring profile.

Spectra BioPharma Selling Solutions will provide project management and oversight to these sales teams through a National Director, who will have responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of the team, be the main point of the contact for our clients and ensure full implementation of the commercial plan.

Sales Management can be deployed either of the following ways:

  • Client Directed Spectra sales representatives receive sales and marketing direction for the brand(s) from the client district managers. Spectra provides a field manager who will work closely with the clients district manager and provide all employee-driven direction including sales administration, human resources oversight and performance evaluations.
  • Spectra BioPharma Managed Experienced district managers hired by Spectra based on the agreed upon hiring profile with the client. These district managers will oversee the Spectra sales representatives and report to the client’s sales leadership who will provide all strategic and tactical Sales and Marketing direction for the brand(s).