Multi-Channel Promotion

Managing Channels to Maximize promotion

As access and face-to-face interactions with physicians decrease, biopharma companies seek new and innovative ways to deliver their promotional messages to target HCPs in an effective, cost efficient manner, increasing their likelihood for brand adoption and utilization.

The combination of personal and non-personal promotion allows biopharma companies the ability to deliver important product information to HCPs in a convenient and acceptable manner, while minimizing redundant promotional resources. These non-personal channels include but not limited to: Telesales, Tele Sampling, eDetailing, Virtual Detailing, Direct Mail and Email.

A fully integrated, comprehensive plan combining personal promotion of the sales team with the non-personal channel promotion will optimize the ideal touch points and messaging to healthcare professionals and their staffs. This model delivers, when implemented correctly, the important information through the appropriate channel at the right time to the targeted healthcare professional to support patients and enhance the overall brand strategy.