Pilot/Proof of Concept

Evaluating options while minimizing risk

As senior leaders in biopharma strive to determine the appropriate promotional mix of traditional and innovative commercial solutions, there is a need to assess these concepts in a way that allows ultimate implementation success before making a full investment and commitment.

The Pilot/The Proof of Concept solution is an option that allows biopharma companies the ability to determine if a new idea is viable through a variable resource, therefore minimizing potential risks while allowing adequate time for performance measurement and evaluations. For example:

  • Regional pilot programs designed to evaluate promotional response to specific type of marketing tactic
  • A controlled model to measure opportunity in untested disease, physician type or specialty arena during a product launch.
  • Deployment of specific type of sales team in certain area to evaluate effectiveness or need for a promotional campaign, specific sales profile, or innovation (customer service team, clinical account team, specialty team).

These teams are designed to meet the challenges customers face, and to measure overall effectiveness in promotional activity. Each Pilot or Proof of Concept initiative is different and customized to consider the sales or marketing challenge that requires resolution. If successful, senior leaders have the option to maintain and/or grow the concept through a variable resource or internalize, either option allows leadership the ability to maintain maximum flexibility and adaptability with their strategic initiatives.

The Pilot/Proof of Concept approach, if done correctly, adds a significant new tool for biopharma to utilize in the ever changing healthcare environment.