Vacancy Management

Simple Solutions to complex problems

An innovative approach allowing biopharma leadership the ability to better manage both their short term Leave of Absences (LOAs) and long term vacancies in their sales teams.

Short-term LOAs consist of Medical, Family and Military leaves, usually range from 12-16 weeks (or potentially longer) and the expectation is that the former representatives will return to their territories.

Long Term vacancies consist of open territories within existing sales teams that have been determined as critical, viable and necessary for sales and market share goals.

Strategic Vacancy Management allows clients to change their structure or compensation through attrition while minimizing field-based disruption

Implementation of a successful Vacancy Management program is simple and seamless! Sales Leadership provides the open territories and approved hiring profile to Spectra. Spectra initiates their extensive sourcing and recruitment process which culminates in the final candidates being selected by the Client.

The representatives are on-boarded to Spectra and then fully integrated and embedded into their respective districts. Strategic and tactical promotional direction is provided by the Client’s District Managers.

Spectra will deploy a Field Manager to handle co-employment as well as all Human Resources and Sales Administration functions for the representatives.

An effective Vacancy Management program will be done with minimal disruption and impact on sales and market share.

It will also allow Senior Leadership the ability to shift the fixed to variable ratio of promotional Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) through a subtle option and allow better management of a significant financial component of their promotional budget.